Finnish Soapstone

Finnish Soapstone

Soapstone Countertop Slabs
We specialize in the importation and distribution of small, superior quality, easily handled and fabricated soapstone slabs, tile & firebrick

Installing your Countertops. Do it yourself for kitchen design. Installation is easy! Because of the smaller slab size (and weight) slabs can be easily moved into position by one person. Our unsurpassed thickness tolerance of +/-1 mm eliminates the frustration and time involved in shimming and leveling of other slabs with greater thickness variations.

Do It Yourself with Finnish Soapstone Slabs. A large soapstone slab that has a fault, fissure, or soft talc vein is not a good deal no matter what the price, if it falls apart on your job site…or worse on your toe. Tulikivi Finnish soapstone has the highest quality slabs available anywhere in the world. They are a joy to fabricate and install.

Cutting and Finishing your Slabs. Working soapstone is like working wood. Any tools that work with wood can be used on soapstone. Slabs can be cut and worked with a circular saw or router. Edges can be finished by hand or with standard wood working tools.

Reduced Waste. Our smaller slab size drastically reduces the amount of waste left over from a typical soapstone counter top installation.

We guarantee that our Finnish Soapstone will have No faults, No fissures and No talc veins.IMPERVIOUS to weather, heat, and time. Not affected by acids or alkalies. LOW ABSORBENCY, no discoloration, stains do not penetrate the surface and are easily removed, no germs or bacteria are absorbed by the stone. HOMOGENEOUS, has consistent dense grain, no cleavage planes, no stratification, free from splitting and spalling. FLAME PROOF, withstands intense heat and thermal shock.